Nature Activities

Enjoy the beauty that Watoga Park has to offer!

General Information

Strolling through Watoga State Park is enlightening at best. On any given walk you might spy an assortment of wildlife, yes, including bears, and many colorful birds. There are many trails nearby the Art in the Park venue so feel free to wander and wonder. As other activities for this time period become available, we’ll post them for you so check back often.

In the meantime, be sure to schedule a DIY Spider workshop during Watoga Art in the Park.

D.I.Y Spiders!

Join us and create your very own colorful orbweaver spider and her web!

Orbweavers are the “Charlotte’s Web” spiders who make the lovely wheel-shaped webs adorning the countryside late summer and early fall.

In our 2-hr. workshops we’ll have fun assembling and painting (realistically or fancifully!) small spider sculptures fashioned by Gwen Balogh from polymer clay.

Then we’ll construct our own orb webs on natural hoop-shaped twigs to display our pretty spiders on. Gwen will talk about West Virginia’s fascinating orbweavers while we work.

Take your spider and web home for a perfect fall window ornament!

Sat. and Sun. 12 pm to 2 pm; class size to 14; age 10 and up.

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