Exhibitor Booth Selection

This is Step 1 of the Application Process. Please select the booth location by clicking on the booth numbers below and fill out our artist application. We will do our best to accommodate your selection.

2018 Booth Selection

2018 Booth Selection
Booth 22Booth 24Booth 26Booth 28Booth 50Booth 49Booth 48Booth 35Booth 37Booth 39Booth 43Booth 46Booth 38Booth 42Booth 45Booth 44Booth 41Booth 31Booth 40Booth 36Booth 32

Booth 22

Booth 24

Booth 26

Booth 28

Booth 50

Booth 49

Booth 48

Booth 35

Booth 37

Booth 39

Booth 43

Booth 46

Booth 38

Booth 42

Booth 45

Booth 44

Booth 41

Booth 31

Booth 40

Booth 36

Booth 32

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Activities at the Watoga Art in the Park event are informal, family friendly and open to the public. The main entrance and access to vendor tents and instruction workshop sites are accessible to persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to attend and special accommodations can be arranged.